Veronica Lodge

Veronica Lodge is one of the main protagonists of the Archie Comics/TV show Archie's Weird Mysteries.


Veronica is shown to be a 17 year old girl with black hair, wearing a short blue dress and blue platform shoes.

Role in the seriesEdit

Veronica's role in the series is that she's a spoiled rich girl who sometimes thinks of her and not others (except for Archie) she is also a love rival to her best frienemie Betty Cooper. she also calls Archie "Archie-kins"

In Attack of the 50-ft Veronica, she is accidentally grown into a 50ft giant.

Alternate RiverdalesEdit

In the 3 part Archie Time Adventures part 2 episode "Alternate Riverdales" Veronica, along with Betty, switch roles, As Veronica acted as the smart girl-next-door who is sweet, caring and gity.